Mortgage 101: Basics You Should Know about Asset-Based and No Doc Mortgages

Mortgage 101: Basics You Should Know about Asset-Based and No Doc Mortgages

If you’re considering purchasing a home, it’s essential to understand the basics of mortgages. A mortgage is a type of loan that lets you buy a property. Mortgages come in all shapes and sizes, each designed to cater to specific financial situations. Today, we’ll be going to delve into two intriguing options: asset-based mortgage and no-doc mortgage. These are known for their unique characteristics and have been used by those looking for alternate solutions to secure their desired home.

What Exactly are Asset-Based Mortgages?

Asset-based mortgages, also known as asset depletion loans, are a type of mortgage that is based on your assets' ability to meet your loan payments. Rather than relying just on your income, these mortgages examine your assets, investments, and savings as part of your financial strength.

Why consider asset-based mortgages?

Flexible Income Requirements

Asset-based mortgages provide flexibility to borrowers with variable incomes, including self-employed individuals and others with occasional sources of income.

High Net Worth

Because they let people leverage their money for housing, people with significant assets but low reported incomes frequently favor these mortgages.

Diverse Asset Types

Your assets can be anything from bonds and equities to real estate, retirement accounts, and stocks and bonds.

Credit Score Considerations

Asset-based mortgages might be accessible to borrowers with lower credit scores because assets serve as security.

Understanding No Doc Mortgages

A "no documentation" mortgage is a type of loan where the applicant must provide little or no proof of income or assets. These mortgages have become more and more common among self-employed individuals and people in difficult financial circumstances.

Why opt for No-Doc Mortgage?

Application Simplified

No-doc mortgages facilitate loan acquisition more quickly and easily by lowering the amount of documentation needed for approval.

Self-Employed Friendly

This option is ideal for self-employed borrowers who may have trouble proving their income through standard channels.

Privacy Concerns

When applying for a mortgage, some borrowers would rather keep their information private by not providing extensive financial details.

Investment Properties

Investors can grow their real estate holdings by using no-doc mortgages to finance investment properties.


  1. Who can get an asset-based mortgage?

Eligibility for asset-based mortgages is frequently determined by the value and diversification of your asset portfolio. Lenders look at your net worth as well as the stability of your assets to see if you can get an asset-based mortgage.

  1. Is it still possible to get a no-doc mortgage following the housing crisis?

It is true that no-doc mortgages are still available, but the rules and requirements are more stringent now than they were before the financial crisis.

  1. Are asset-based and no-doc mortgage interest rates higher?

Since these loans pose an additional risk to the lender, interest rates on these mortgages might be a little bit higher than on conventional mortgages.

  1. Is it possible to use a no-doc mortgage for my primary home?

Depending on the lender's policies, no-doc mortgages can be used for primary residences even though they normally serve the purpose of investment properties.

Gaining a basic understanding of asset-based and no-doc mortgages is crucial as you go deeper into the world of mortgages. You'll be able to make smart choices regarding purchasing a property with this knowledge. The best kind of mortgage for you will depend on your goals, your financial circumstances, and your personal preferences.

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